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Covid19 Information

18th March 2020  


Dear Parents and Carers,


In these uncertain and unsettling times we thank you for remaining calm and supporting your children’s education. Advice from the Education Department is that schools stay open for the time being. This may change, or we may remain open for the duration of this crisis. We do not know.


Teachers have prepared packs of work for students to complete if you have chosen to keep you child at home as a precaution, or if we close. These are as self-explanatory as possible so your children can complete most work independently. You may collect a copy of the pack from your child’s teacher before or after school any day if you are keeping your child home. In the event that the school is closed, we will send packs home with children.


If children are bored encourage them to read: It’s amazing how quickly hours can pass when engrossed in a good book! We have also included a variety of online sites for student use in addition to sites already known and used by your children.


In order to minimise risks of infection we have postponed Parent/Teacher interviews and the Art Show.  These events will take place as soon as it is deemed safe by the Department of Education and Department of Health and Human Services. We are hoping this will be early in Term 2. The Education Department has also mandated that school camps and excursions be cancelled or postponed. This is very disappointing for students but the first priority must be their health and safety.


We appreciate your concern and willingness to keep your children at home if they are unwell. There have been no reports of COVID-19 at Woodville. However, it is not worth the risk to children who are already ill being exposed to this virus. Obviously if there are confirmed cases at the school we will follow Education Department guidelines for informing the community.


Due to high student and staff absences (around 20% of both this week) and the difficulty replacing teachers, classes may be split over the coming weeks. Students will continue to have learning tasks and activities at their level, but they may be supervised by different teachers.


Should we be directed to close we will inform you as early as possible. We recognise and appreciate the hardship this may cause you but clearly we must follow Education Department and DHHS directives.


I am sorry I cannot provide you with more information, particularly around possible school closure, however we will update when, and if information becomes available.


Lyn Vincent