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Newsletter 10/20

Supporting the wellbeing of children and young people is an important part of what students, families and schools do every day. It is especially important to ensure that children and young people’s wellbeing is looked after in times of uncertainty and stress. Supporting wellbeing not only helps children and young people to feel happier and less anxious, it will also help them to have positive interactions with the rest of the family and to learn more effectively. We hope that these additional classrooms on the google suite give students themselves, as well as parents/carers suggested ways of supporting your students’ wellbeing. Children and young people can do wellbeing activities at any time – on their own, with family members, or with a friend. Some parents or carers may choose to do wellbeing activities with their child or even with the whole family. Activities that support wellbeing are beneficial for people of all ages and can provide a great opportunity for family members to bond and experience positive emotions together.

Some of the activities in the Woodville Wellbeing with Jodi Binion classroom, for example ‘The Lazy Eight’ and “Body Scan” can be done every day by your children or young people and are good examples of activities the whole family does together each morning or evening.

I will add a suggested weekly wellbeing routine in the Woodville Wellbeing classroom– but this is just a guide to help children and young people or families about what routine might work best.

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