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Drop Off & Pick-Up Changes

Dear Parents and Carers,

Finally – a return to COVID normal. Every one of you played a part in this great achievement so let’s continue to work together to keep it this way. Whilst all did a great job with remote learning and teaching we certainly don’t want to go back there!

As of Monday November 30th, restrictions at school will ease a little. You will be able to enter the school grounds before and after school if required, but access to buildings will only be for students and staff. Students have shown remarkable resilience and independence, and in order to build on this, and to continue to be COVID safe we request the following procedures are adhered to.


  • ALL children will finish school at 3pm. No more staggered pick-ups after school.
  • Entry to buildings is restricted to staff and students only at this stage. PLEASE do not enter.
  • Continue drop off and pick up as we have been doing this term. i.e Bring your child to the gate in the morning and wait at the gate in the afternoon unless you need to come into the school grounds
  • You MUST wear a mask if you accompany your child to a gate, or are waiting in a public area (gate, carpark) to pick up and at any time you enter the school grounds
  • Hands must be sanitised prior to entering the Administration Area of the school
  • Please continue to adhere to social distancing requirements (1.5m apart from other adults)
  • Children should enter and leave the school grounds from their allocated gate. PLEASE continue to do this as it eases congestion in the car parks and surrounding streets.  


  • All gates will be open from 8.40am to 8.50am. Please use gates as allocated previously
  • Staff will continue to meet and greet at the gates but children may go straight to their classrooms. They do not need to wait for their teachers
  • If necessary, you may bring your child into the school grounds but you may not enter any building and you will need to leave by 8.50am as gates will be locked at this time
  • If you need to go to the office, please enter via the front entry in Warringa Crescent. PLEASE do not enter this building from the asphalt area
  • If your child arrives after 8.50am he/she will need to enter the school via the Office area (Warringa Crescent gate) and collect a late pass before going to the classroom


  • All children will be dismissed at 3pm. No more ‘staggered’ dismissals
  • Please let your child/ children know where you will be meeting them/ how they are getting home to avoid any stress or worry – please use the same gates you have used this term.
  • Gates will be open at 2.50pm. You may enter the school grounds and wait, being sure to maintain social distancing. However, it is preferable that you wait at the gate as you have done this term; children are familiar with this routine and will find you.
  • If you do enter the school grounds please do not enter any building.
  • Children will be dismissed from their rooms at 3pm
  • Staff will monitor gates from 3.00- 3.10pm if your child normally meets you at your car or walks/rides home independently
  • PLEASE leave the school grounds as soon as you have your child/ children.
  • Gates will be locked at 3.10pm. If your child has not been collected by this time he/she will need to go to the office area. You will then need to enter via the Warringa Crescent gate to meet your children.

We thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this period.  We recognise that this is still not ‘normal, normal’ but together we may get there!

Kind Regards,

Lyn Vincent