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A Message from Principal Class Team

Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

We would like to welcome back all staff, students and their families, and extend a special welcome to all new students and their families to the Woodville Primary School community. We hope you had a wonderful time together as a family over the Christmas break.

Welcome to our wonderful new Prep students who have successfully made the transition to primary school with ease and confidence. It is pleasing to see them so settled so quickly, considering we were unable to host our comprehensive whole school transition program due to COVID-19.

2021 will be an exciting year for all, especially for those children beginning their first year of school. We sincerely hope your time with us is a special one.

We warmly welcome Ms Elissa Knight, Mr Mark Rohan, Ms Caitlin Hall and Mr Tom Digby who have joined the Woodville staff team this year. We also welcome back to Woodville, Mrs Carruthers, Mrs Dodd and Mrs McCredden who will be facilitating our Tutor program across the school,and Mrs Henkel.

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