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Return To School Plan - Term 4 2021

Letter from Principal Class Team: Return to School Plan - click here.  For your child/ren to attend Onsite Learning starting Tuesday October 5th, you must provide an Authorised Provider/Authorised Worker Permit completed by your employer and submit an Onsite Attendance Form. 

Monday 4th October Curriculum Day

All staff will be taking part in Professional Learning on this day. Woodville Primary School is closed on this day.

Being SunSmart at school.

Woodville Primary School is a SunSmart school and therefore starting the first day of Term 4 WPS hats are a compulsory item of uniform.

Prep 2022 Enrolments

ENROLMENTS OPEN  If you have a child who is eligible to come to school in 2022 (turning 5 years of age by April 30th 2022), we are accepting enrolments now.

Opening Times

The school yard is open to students at 08:40am with classes commencing at 08:50am. The school office is open between 08:30am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday.