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Daily Organisation

The day is organised into 5 teaching and learning sessions and two half-hour breaks. Music will play to alert student when it is time to line up

Bell Times

8.40                          Children may enter classrooms and prepare for the day

8:50                          Classes commence

11.00                       Commencement of First Lunch

11:30                       End of first lunch

1:30                          Second Lunch commences

2:00                          Second Lunch finished

3:00                          Students dismissed

3.10                          Bell sounds indicating afterschool yard duty has finished

Woodville organises classes based on the number, and needs of students. Prep grades are generally ‘straight’; that is, prep children are not in classes with children from other grade levels. Throughout the rest of the school children are organised into composite grades across two year levels.  Specialist programs offered are: Physical Education, Visual Arts, LOTE (Japanese) and Music. In addition, all classes rostered into the library for an hour a week.

Whole School Assembly – Monday (fortnightly) 8:50am – 9:00am on the asphalt (weather permitting).