Physical Education

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2023 Term 2

2023 Term 1





At Woodville Primary School, all students participate in weekly Physical Education classes taught by Mr Digby. Physical Education classes place an emphasis on supporting the development of physical skills and knowledge through a variety of fun, high energy and engaging activities.


Our Physical Education program is structured to develop students fundamental movement skills, then build into the more specific skills required for all forms of sport.


Students are provided with opportunities to develop their problem-solving knowledge and strategic decision making through gameplay scenarios and analysing the performance of themselves and their peers.


Through learning about the positive impact of physical activity, we also enable students to understand the benefits of life-long physical activity, so they can be healthy and active individuals at all stages of life.


From Prep- Grade 2, the focus of our program is to equip our students with the basic Fundamental Motor Skills that can be used across a broad range of sports like:

  • Throwing (Overarm and Underarm)

  • Catching (Overhead and Body-level)

  • Kicking (Soccer kick and AFL punt)

  • Ball Bounce (Basketball)

  • Jumping, Leaping and Dodging

  • 2 hand side-arm and Forehand Strike (Baseball, Teeball and Tennis)

From Grade 3- Grade 6, the emphasis of our program shifts into applying these Fundamental skills into different sports. This application allows the students to work on their ‘game sense’ and their strategies in team environments in a wide range of sports. Some of the sports include:

  • Basketball

  • Netball

  • Soccer

  • AFL

  • Softball

  • European Handball

  • Gymnastics
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball


The broader physical education program provides opportunities for students to compete in all School Sport Victoria competitions including Athletics and Cross Country as well as team sports. All year 5 and 6 students participate in both a summer and winter interschool sport competition.


Interschool Sports

Interschool sport provides opportunities for students to develop skills through competitive experiences, connecting students to the wider community and promoting teamwork. Students will select a sport to participate in, train and compete against primary schools in the Hoppers Crossing District. During the summer season the sports include Cricket, Softball, Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis. During the winter season the sports include Soccer, AFL, Tee Ball, Netball and Volleyball. Good luck Woodville!





Swimming Programs

The Swimming in Schools initiative is designed to increase opportunities for students to learn how to swim, and ensure they develop lifelong skills in swimming and water safety. Students will get the opportunity to participate in a swimming program to develop and enhance their swimming ability by learning to float and some basic swimming strokes. Students will also learn how to stay safe in the water. 


Sports at Home


During the most recent school lockdowns in 2021, Mr Digby created a YouTube channel to engage students in Physical Activity whilst at home behind their devices. These video's have been a great way to connect with students through a variety of fun activities and challenges whilst keeping them active. Feel free to give these a try and play along at home!