Wellbeing at Woodville


We pride ourselves on our Wellbeing practices at Woodville Primary School. Please find below a wide range of information and resources about wellbeing, and how you can best support your child’s mental health. These fact sheets provide some starting points and general information. If you would like further information about any of these topics please don’t hesitate to contact the school or access any of the list of services below.


Five Ways to Wellbeing – General advice for all of us about how we can improve our wellbeing practices in our day to day lives.


Structure and Routine – Reasons and strategies for setting consistent family routines for your family.


Growth Mindset – What growth mindset is and the strategies you can use to cultivate resilience and positive thinking in your children.


Gratitude – What gratitude means and how we can practice it daily to increase our resilience and life satisfaction.


Mindfulness – what mindfulness is and how we can practice it in our everyday lives.


Zones of Regulation – The Zones of Regulation is a way of understanding and discussing our emotions. It is an easier way for children to learn about how they are feeling and how they can feel the way they want to. We use The Zones of Regulation at school in every classroom.